Compatibility and accessibility

The website of the IFS was programmed according to the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and using the latest standards HTML 5 and CSS 3. A correct representation is therefore only guaranteed with current browsers. For a wrong representation on outdated browsers no responsibility is taken over. The IFS website focuses on accessibility in order to make information easily accessible to people with disabilities. In order to guarantee this, great importance was attached to a semantically correct code structure with good readability and a clearly structured text structure with short understandable content and good scalability.

Online databases: Free search

The query function of the coins online takes full advantage of the SQLite Fulltext Search. Therefore, a lot of search combinations and truncations can be used. In addition, specific areas can be queried with the help of prefixes. Matching search terms are highlighted in all fields. IMPORTANT: Always enter individual words without special characters in the search field (with the exception of those listed below). Here some simple query examples:

Online databases: Symbol meanings

The following sympols are used on the online maps and databases for layers and links to other databases: